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Large section of Antarctica breaks off into the sea
A one trillion ton iceberg, about the size of Delaware, broke away from an Antartical ice shelf sometime between July 10 and 12. It is now floating northward. more

A very special American solar eclipse to occur 
The Great American Total Solar Eclipse of this year will be the first total solar eclipse to touch the continental United States since 1979 The eclipse will be visible in Phoenix, though not the total phase. It will begin Monday August 9:13 am, reach its maximum at 10:33 am and will end at Noon.  Be sure to protect your eyes.  more

Shari Crowley has birthday
The putative head of AUMM and widow of Michael Crowley experienced another year of survival on this planet July 12. We wish you many more.

Pres. Trump asks for Divine help.
July 11  number of evangelical leaders visited the Oval Office to pray and ask for God's help for President Trump and his administration. As Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of Florida led the prayer, some in the group placed their hands on Pres. Trump's back while others in attendance, including Vice President Mike Pence, bowed their heads.

Pagan book group moves

AZ Path of the Craft Book Group recently moved to the Changing Hands Bookstore at 6428 S McClintock Drive in Tempe.  It is the longest running book group in the state. It has been meeting in one form or another for over ten years. The group was created as an opportunity to network with other local pagans, meet new people, embrace new ideas and most of all, to have fun while discussing their thoughts and opinions They They meet every fourth Sunday of the month at 2pm. Reading the monthly book is not necessary to attend. Next meeting will be July 23


Omega now offers Spanish language edition
The Omega Directory now offers a Spanish language edition to this popular metaphysical news source. You will find it at Tell all your Spanish-speaking friends about it. And help us find some Spanish language metaphysical groups.

Ancient Roman secret can make our concrete structures last for centuries
Modern concrete—used in everything from roads to buildings to bridges—can break down in as few as 50 years. But thousands of years after the Roman Empire crumbled to dust, its concrete structures are still standing. Now, scientists have finally cracked the secret to making cement grow stronger—not weaker—over time  more


African Belly dance classes set

Choreographer Abagail (Abyssinia) Dunn, is conducting a class in African bellydancing the first and third Monday at 6:45 pm at Wellspring Center, 1170 N. Gilbert Rd in Gilbert. Learn the ancient art of belly dance in a fun, pressure free class. No experience necessary. $15


Johnny La Plante has heart attack

The significant other of Crescent Moon's Debbie Trujillo had powerful heart attack and is now back from the hospital. Please send him your best affirmations and prayers.


New devices can extract water from dry air  
Breakthroughs in science will make fresh water available to nations in poverty  see more
water from air.html


New App can tell if your are psychic
Paranormal researchers are building smartphone apps designed to operated in the world of spirit. They already have apps to test if your home is haunted. A new app released by the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS)claims to be able to test whether or not you have psychic powers. The app, called PsiQ, has three separate tasks which test for psychokinesis, precognition and super precognition. After taking the tests and getting the results, users can then use the app to compare their scores with other users.     PsiQ is free for download on iTunes.


Phx Pagan group has event

June 17 Phoenix Pagan Pride held a fund-raising event at  Crescent Moon Emporium in Glendale. There was a Mexican dinner, Anthony Lucero taught an amazing class on Santisma Muerta, Dr. John was ready with two classes, Dylan Tahbo did healing massages and two TV reporters came from Telemundo and Univision. It was a really good day, but a few elements of the Pagan community opted not to participate


Astrology math class set
The Astrology Store, 5735 W. Glendale Avenue in Glendale, will conduct a seven-week Math  of Astrology Class which will be held each Monday starting July 24. Students will learn how to do the mathematics necessary to accurately calculate horoscope charts. Cost is $150 and is in preparation for the AFA Students Exams which will be held in October-November


Sondra Scott gets car

A while back we reported that Sondra's that husband had an accident that left them without a car. On June 10 they were finally able to replace it. She says: "This Is because we have many people who love us. I know this for many reasons but most especially because of how much help has been extended to us over the past several months. We are so very grateful." The car is a 2012 Hyundai Elantra and tney adore it..


A thought worth considering
Avery Goodman, facilitator for AUMM, gives us this thought.  "A couple years ago I was on a bus sitting across from a young gentleman who would probably be profiled as a thug. I looked at him and thought "if he had been loved just a little bit more he might be better off than he is right now" then I looked a couple seats behind him was a woman who was fussock and I thought the same thing "if she had been loved just a little bit more she might be better off than she is right now" then I realized that is true of everyone. We would all be better off if we were loved just a little bit more. So, I looked around and started loving everyone. "

Humans will be "inhabiting" space within five years, says financier.
They will live in giant plastic bags) see story

Tragedy of lost Wisdom
May 21st K.C., a volunteer for the Omega Directory, uncovered a great tragedy. A tragedy that affects all of us. While browsing through a small, non-profit bookstore here in the Valley, she came upon Keith Costello. He was also looking for some hidden book gems.  Along in years and burdened with many illnesses he had no energy to sit down for an interview, but he happily shared a few things about himself. He is an educated religious researcher.  He has earned five degrees in religious studies and two law degrees in addition. His wife passed away at the beginning of the year, so he is spending what time he has left with his 30 grandchildren. Our reporter said she was impressed with his straight forward communication and professionalism. What's the great tragedy? read more

Panhalla moves
After many years in the same location, Panhalla Metaphysical and Psychic Center has moved from 24th and Osborn in Phoenix, to 355 N. Lindsay in Mesa. They are still getting organized, but they are open for business.

E.P.I.C.has been archived

As part of her separating herself from the Pagan community, on May 21, 2017, Jane Ditzel archived the group E.P.I.C. You won't be able to create posts, like or comment, but you can still visit the group and view all posts. more

  Library fund started 
Mountain Temple Center is trying to raise funds to rebuild Michael Crowley's vast reference library that was destroyed in the disastrous Beltane Fire of 2017. Insurance covers most of the building and the furniture (illustrated is the building before the fire), but the library was probably worth more than the building. It was a great library with rare and valuable occult books. If you wish to help, go to:  A benefit is being planned. Bands are being interviewed for the event. All funds will go to the rebuilding of the Temple and the Crowley family Will likely be held at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. Leave messages at

 Ordination  Terri Tucker, a noted intuitive channel, was ordained April 23 during services at Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church,1522 W Encanto Blvd in Phoenix. Ms Tucker is a psychic medium who is clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant

 Marie French died April 8 in Oklahoma from a massive heart attack
.  she was born in New Hampshire as Marie Champney , the eldest of three girls. Raised in Arizona, she married John Rodgers and bore two children, Rachel and Robert. She remarried. She is survived by two sisters, five children, 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She was 73

  Mystical Mporium closed Formerly located on west Thunderbird Rd. in Phoenx, the Mystical Mporium closed it doors March 31 They worked hard packing up the merchandise and equipment during April . Co-owner, Pam McMillen,  is leaving the state but says she may re-open the store somewhere elsee
Leader Quits Pagan Community Jane Ditzel, who has managed the Witches' Ball for nearly five years, recently posted on her face page her resignation from the Pagan Community. It has been reported that she has turned over to someone else control of the Annual Witches Ball. Many in the Valley are surprized, other say they saw it coming. Here is what she said. "There have been some recent changes in my life and to do these changes I have had some time to reflect on things that have gone on in my life things that have been said about me things that have been done to me and I think at this point in my life I'm ready to start over so this is my official statement I am no longer going to be a part of the Pagan community I am still a witch always will be...." more

Phoenix Pagan Pride The Valley's very own Pagan organization will hold the 2017 Pagan Pride Day Saturday, November 4 at Steele Indian School Park, 300 E. Indian School in Phoenix. There will workshops, entertainment, vendors and public rituals. This is the big event of the yearr

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