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         Dr. John (Rev. Dr. John Rodgers, ThD, DD) is a thrice-ordained minister, a noted author and speaker, a metaphysical teacher, a psychic intuitive, and editor of the Omega Directory. His thought provoking comments in his blog intrigue readers around the globe.

In his classes Dr. John discusses the ancient secrets of time and explores the esoteric world of New Age metaphysics. He shares his knowledge and experienced in the world of spirit, psychic powers and the connections between science and spirituality.

His free weekly class is held 10:30 am each Sunday morning at the Omega Directory, 6418 S. 39th Avenue in Phoenix. 35th Avenue and Southern are the nearby major cross streets. For further information call 602-441-4401.
An introduction to Metaphysics

The word metaphysics come to us from the ancient Greeks. It was a combination of two words: meta, meaning over and above, and physics. Thus: metaphysics means over and beyond physical things.

In most dictionaries, the definition of metaphysics is that it is a branch of philosophy that deals with first cause and the nature of being.

 In recent times, the word metaphysics has come to be used as to describe mystical or spiritual areas such as ESP, astrology, meditation, reincarnation and such.

He teaches in a rapid, intense, data-laden manner, yet he is interested in pursuing the viewpoint of the student. He is quite intense but he teaches in a light and often humorous style.
Dr. John explores metaphysics as a science not merely a philosophy or belief - a science that can be explored using the tools logic and reason. His operating principle is that truth is fact not an opinion - although the truth can often be obtained through an examination of various opinions.

If you are interested, consider yourself  a welcome and invited student.
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