Some of the people who have been friends to the Omega Directory
and to the New Age Community over the years
Carl Adams
Charlotte Benson
Brenda Black
Etta Bludworth
Katrina Crittenden
Carla Crowfoot
Dave Crowfoot
Michael Crowley
Shari Crowley
Mary Ann Dennison
Apryl Douglas
Michael El-Legion
Ray Elkins
Berniece Falling Leaves
Barbara Green
Rev. Edwin Ford
Laura Hair
Dr. Richard Ireland
Adam Love
Randy McKay
Susan McKay
Joshua Normand
Gary Pace
Lisa Pena
Alecia Penny
James Penny
Bobby Pierce
Alecia Pryer
William Rainen
Dr. John Rodgers
Joy  Rodgers
Sandy Rossen
Leslie Saunders
Connie Shane
Barbara Shere
Vivian Smith
Hank Smyth
Brad Steiger
Frances Steiger
Nellie Mae Taylor
Jan Vaughn
William Wallace
Don Weldon
           We are doing brief biographies on people who have contributed to our New Age community.  Your help is necessary. If you have more infomation or photos for some of these people,  or if you know of an individual who should be listed here, please use the comment box below or contact John at (602)441-4401 or
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