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Spiritualist church still growing after 60 years

Located at 1522 W Encanto Blvd in Phoenix, Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church was not the first Spiritualist church to begin in the Valley, but it is certainly the oldest. Founded in 1951 by Rev. Edwin W. Ford as Harmony Chapel, a member of the National Spirit-ualist Association of Churches (NSAC). Rev. Ford was a true pioneer. Not only did he open up a new Spiritualist church, but he had the vision to propel it into the Age of Aquarius.    (more) 




Katrina Crittenden 
Brenda Black 
Robert Butler
  Ines Caldera
 Dave Campbell
 Rev. Irene Camp
Shari Crowley
 Dave Crowfoot
 Laura Hair
 Sue/  Randy MacKay
 Aniv Maskay
 Rev. Nick Parise 
Alecia Pryer
 Joseph Scearce 
Connie Shane
 Brian Simpson
 Debbie Trujillo
 Jan Vaughn

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  Temple burns down  Mountain Temple Center, 1533 E. Lupine in  Phoenix, was totally destroyed by a fire the night of April 28. Director, Shari Crowley, reports that she heard a loud "pop" about 10:30 pm that night. A few moments later, she was told the building was on fire. They could not get out the front door because of the flames, but were able to exit  a side door. None of Shari's family or friends were injured, but the building was totally destroyed, along with all furniture and books. The insurance company put them in a hotel until things could be worked out. The fire department initially decided it was started by an electrical fault.  The big annual Beltane/May Day ritual and celebration scheduled for the 29th has been cancelled.
   World Tai Chi Day April 29 World T'ai Chi and Ch'i Kung Day (WTCQD), is an annual event held the last Saturday of April each year to promote the related disciplines of T'ai chi ch'uan and Qigong in nearly eighty countries since 1999. World Tai Chi & Qigong Day also acts as an information source on medical research and finding classes in those disciplines. read more
U S Supreme Court to hear religious liberty case.The case involves an initiative launched by Missouri in 2012 to encourage schools to use recycled tires to produce safer playground surfaces. But the religious liberty battle began when a preschool run by Trinity Lutheran Church was denied a state grant to participate in the program.  Missouri said that under its Constitution, state funds couldn’t be used for religious activities. Trinity Lutheran sued. Its lawyers argued that the state’s action constituted religious discrimination in violation of the federal Constitution’s Free Exercise and Equal Protection Clauses. On Wednesday, the justices tackled the case that could produce one of the most important opinions of the term, unless it fades away because of a procedural snag that surfaced last week.  Almost 40 other states have similar provisions that could be affected if the Court rules in favor of the church.
Easter-bunny miracle  Joy Rodgers, former manager of Alpha Book Center, has a cat named Hey You. On April 9 he caught a  baby bunny and brought it in and laid at her feet. It was unharmed. Joy picked it up and said, "He's so cute!" Her husband Dr. John said, "No, no. There's no way we can care for such a young bunny." She agreed and reluctantly they turned the bunny loose in their grassy back yard.  Curious to see where other bunnies might be,  they followed Hey You. A half-block to the south they found a large area which had a number of wild rabbits running around on it. They figured this was the little bunny's home, but it was too late to find him and return him.  Now the following really happened. Joy told Hey You, again and again, "Find the bunny. Find the bunny."  Two days later, Hey You came in and dropped the little bunny at her feet. It was still unharmed. They  released it to its rabbit friends.  Think about it. 1) A cat capturing a bunny and carrying it half a block over two fences without any harm. And then 2) at his mistress' request, recapturing it and bringing it to her, still without harm. That is much a miracle as you can get. A bunny, at Easter-time!!
Ordination  Terri Tucker, a noted intuitive channel, was ordained April 23 during services at Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church,1522 W Encanto Blvd in Phoenix. Ms Tucker is a psychic medium who is clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant
Car on fire. Sondra Scott, who does gong meditations classes throughout the Valley, almost lost her husband. While she was on a quick trip to California his car caught on fire while he was driving to work. He was able to pull over and put out the fire.  But they are without transportation until the insurance company comes through  Good luck, folks.
Shamanism course set  Creativity Creating Creation -  a six week level 2 shamanic course will be taught by Samadhy Ruiz beginning Wednesday May 17 at 7 pm at Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church, 1522 W. Encanto Blvd, in Phoenix . You will learn the arts of drumming, saging, aromatic waters, balancing, cleansing, and soul retrieval in this class.  $120.  Students must pre-register and prepay
Passing: Marie French, former wife of Dr. John Rodgers, died April 8 of complications from heart surgery. She was 67 and is survived by two sisters, four children and numerous grandchildren.
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Glaciers and forests given rights of human beings  On March 31  the highest court in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand determined Himalayan glaciers, lakes and forests are "legal persons" in an effort to curb environmental destruction, weeks after it granted similar status to the country's two most sacred rivers. In a decision that aims to widen environmental protections in the mountainous region, the court granted the legal standing to glaciers Gangotri and Yamunotri that feed India's venerated Ganga and Yamuna rivers ."The rights of these entities shall be equivalent to the rights of human beings and any injury or harm caused to these bodies shall be treated as injury or harm caused to human beings," said the court.
Mystical Mporium closed Formerly located on west Thunderbird Rd. in Phoenx, the Mystical Mporium closed it doors March 31 They worked hard packing up the merchandise and equipment during April . Co-owner, Pam McMillen,  is leaving the state but says she may re-open the store somewhere else
Recycle Your Weeds In a recent website, Dr. Gabriel Cousins mentioned dandelion greens. Dandelion greens can be sauteed, boiled and eaten raw. You can also make your own dandelion tea, which is a healthy alternative to coffee. Dandelion is used for the treatment of muscle aches, loss of appetite, upset stomach, intestinal gas, gallstones, joint pain, eczema and bruises. It also increases urine production and serves as a laxative toincrease bowel movements. Some people use dandelion to treat infection, especially viral infections and even cancer. It’s also used as a skin toner, blood tonic and digestive tonic. And they're growing wild in your front yard!  You want to look for the younger and tender plants; they’re less bitter. You can use the raw root to make tea or roast the root to make coffee. Once you’re ready to eat your dandelions, make sure to wash them thoroughly. They can be stored in the refrigerator for a week — sometimes wrapping the greens in a damp paper towel keeps them fresh longer.
Leader Quits Pagan Community Jane Ditzel, who has managed EPIC and the Witches' Ball for nearly five years, recently posted on her face page that she has resigned from the Pagan Community.
read more
New Tattoo Craze In a recent interview with MTV News, Miley Cyrus'  younger sister, Noah, revealed that she got a finger tattoo of a teardrop in honor of her first single, “Make Me (Cry).”Finger tattoos are a great way to ease into the world of body art without getting a full sleeve on your first try. It is likely this is the reason finger tattoos are becoming all the rage. It doesn't have to be a teardrop. It can be a moon, ect.  
Sweat Lodge Guru's Comeback Angers Victims  James Arthur Ray, a typical, money-hungry, self-promoting self-help guru, is now out of prison and is returning to his self help career.  He was convicted of homicide in the deaths of three people who were cooked to death in a sweat lodge he built for his $2000 self-help retreat in 2009. The families of his victims are outraged that he is going to continue in  the same career.    
Phoenix Pagan Pride The Valley's own Pagan organization will hold the 2017 Pagan Pride Day Saturday, November 4 at Steele Indian School Park, 300 E. Indian School in Phoenix. There will workshops, entertainment, vendors and public rituals. This is the big event of the year.
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